About PMRA

Port Mandurah Ratepayers Association Inc. works for property owners in the precinct of Port Mandurah, Western Australia, including those who pay an additional “Specified Area Rate” (SAR) to maintain the canal precinct.

Established in 1994, PMRA now represents ALL property owners in and around Port Mandurah in matters pertaining to the management of the canals and maintenance of the canal precinct, and has quarterly meetings with councillors and managers at the City of Mandurah to address issues in respect of canal properties.

Our objectives:

  • Endeavour to ensure that the amenities of the precinct of Port Mandurah are maintained and where possible improved, and the quality of the development and lifestyle of its residents is preserved.
  • Support and encourage the maintenance of standards throughout the precinct of Port Mandurah including those outlined in covenants of the land sale documents.
  • Liaise and foster good working relations with Government, Local Authorities, Statutory Authorities and other relevant bodies; to foster good working relations with the media to inform the public.
  • Publish information for the benefit of members.
  • Encourage and foster social interaction between members of the Association and others with similar interests

The Association is incorporated, abides by a set of Rules and is run by a committee of volunteers who are elected at the Annual General Meeting. Here are the current committee members:


President Mike Board Social
Steve Zielinski
Jim Booker Sponsorship
Andy White
Secretary Pete McGuire Website Admin Ange/Jim Booker
Treasurer Bob Ballantine Committee
Bruce Were
Gary Singh Committee
Parminder Singh
Ivan Bennett Committee
Peter Spalding

Our website is a ‘work in progress’ and is regularly updated supplying interesting, useful and regular information on matters pertaining to lifestyle and activities in Mandurah. Sponsorship Opportunities are offered to businesses which may benefit from exposure on the website and at our events.
To view the standards, conditions and commitments agreed during the formation of the Port Mandurah precinct, please click here for Stage One and here for Stage Two.
PMRA encourages harmony on the canals, adherence to the covenants and the responsible letting of holiday homes. PMRA advises that it has no powers of enforcement.