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City of Mandurah

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Reporting crime & other issues

Contact the Police

Fire & Emergency Services

Local Law Enforcement (Rangers)

Mandurah Water Rescue (Volunteers)

Marine Search & Rescue (Water Police)

Report a dolphin in distress

Report other wildlife in distress

Report a gas leak

Remove graffiti (Free DIY Kit)

Report graffiti

Report a hoon

Report littering

Report noise  •  Noise Service Request Form

Report a non-compliant holiday home

Report a non-compliant marine vessel

Report a sewage leak or water outage

Report an abandoned shopping trolley

Report a faulty street light or fallen power line

Report a faulty TV signal with FuzeNet (formerly e-wire)


Boating Rules in WA

Department of Fisheries

Department of Transport

Eyes on the Water Peel

Jetties, Waterways and Marina Local Law

Local Tides

Mandurah Boating Guide

Kayak Guides

Mandurah Canal Navigation

Marine Radio Guide

7 Day Weather Forecast

Local environment

Coast, Waterways and Wetlands

Friends of Samphire Cove Nature Reserve

Mandurah Environment & Heritage Group

Peel Harvey Catchment Council

Peel Preservation Group

Scenic bike rides around Mandurah

What’s on in Mandurah

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