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City of Mandurah

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Reporting crime & other issues

Justice of the Peace

Sand Bypassing

Contact the Police

Fire & Emergency Services

Local Law Enforcement (Rangers)

Mandurah Water Rescue (Volunteers)

Marine Search & Rescue (Water Police)

Report a dolphin in distress

Report other wildlife in distress

Report a gas leak

Report graffiti

Report a hoon

Report littering

Report noise  •  Noise Service Request Form

Report a non-compliant holiday home

Report a Verge Tree that needs pruning or Request a Street Tree

Report another issue to the City

Report a non-compliant marine vessel

Report a sewage leak or water outage

Report an abandoned shopping trolley

Report a faulty street light or fallen power line

Report a faulty TV signal with LBNCo (formerly E-wire/FuzeNet)


Boating Rules in WA

Coast, Waterways and Wetlands

Department of Fisheries

Department of Transport

Dolphin Information & Protection

Eyes on the Water Peel

Jetties, Waterways and Marina Local Law

Kayak Guides

Local Tides

Mandurah Boating Guide

Mandurah Canal Navigation

Marine Radio Guide

7 Day Weather Forecast

Local environment

OzFish Habitat Projects In The Peel-Harvey Region

Mussel gardening for 2022

Friends of Samphire Cove Nature Reserve

Mandurah Environment & Heritage Group

Peel-Harvey Catchment Council

Peel Preservation Group

Scenic bike rides around Mandurah

What’s on in Mandurah

Plan your Journey by Public Transport

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