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New marine drug and alcohol laws were introduced in December and will be rolled out in stages over the next year.

As of December 21, anyone navigating a vessel who causes a death while under the influence of drugs or alcohol faces up to 20 years in prison and an unlimited fine.

Department of Transport manager of compliance and investigations Peter Beattie confirmed no skippers had been charged with the new offences so far.

The next stage of the laws will come into effect in April and will allow DoT and WA Police officers to test skippers for drugs and alcohol.




As Summer arrives and we emerge, it’s important to remember that under W.A. law it is illegal to feed wildlife any human food. To quote the Act:

“It is an offence in Western Australia to feed native fauna, including birds, without a licence. Fines of up to $20,000 are part of updated regulations under Section 155 of the West Australian Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.”
We understand living in close proximity to wildlife is a much desired feature of the canal lifestyle, and only wish to inform you of this aspect of managing our precious native fauna.

Click the link below to book for this event.




The PMRA Membership card update 13 5 23 2 June 2023

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PMRA Thank you & Awards Party by MANDURAH CRUISES – Invite

Jan 28th 2023

Please pass the invitation on to other Port Mandurah Canal folk who participated in delivering the Christmas Lights spectacle. Registration of your details is essential if you are attending.

PMRA Thank You Party Invite 2023

Santa Afloat Christmas eve… sponsored by

18/12/2022 – Santa Afloat will cruise around the canals next Saturday the 24th of December with Santa and his helpers handing out bags of lollies and chocolates to good folks (including children) on their jetty plus schmackos for the fur babies (dogs).

We will start at 5.30 pm finishing a couple of hours later so listen for the bell ringing, carols singing and Santa’s ho, ho, ho.

Finally, a win!

03/12/2022 – After considerable lobbying from the PMRA, finally, the City of Mandurah is inviting tenders for the reparation works for the estuary walls in Cambria Island. Yay!


01 Dec 2022 – If you are feeling unwell, then please test for COVID, as many people have been diagnosed with it after Saturday’s Christmas Party.


Updated 18 Nov 22 – have recovered the dinghy thanks to the marine police but not the outboard.

Last night we had our 355 Raptor Savage dingy & Honda 10HP outboard motor stolen from our float dock in Port Mandurah!
Kayaks were seen by neighbours milling around last evening!
Please advise everyone possible & keep your eyes open on our behalf!
The dinghy has unique grey side float attachments down each side.
It’s registered No: GO544
May be an image of 1 person and body of water

LIGHTS UP, everyone!

The Camp Quality cruises will be happening at the end of November. ❤❤❤
Please don’t delay – now is the time to pull out Christmas decorations. Even if you can only put up a few, every little decoration of colour and lights around your house will bring joy and happiness to so many sick children and help them forget their illness and pain albeit for a short while.

Calling all cafe and restaurant owners or managers.

The PMRA endeavours to boost your business with an incentive/membership card.

“What card?” I hear you ask.
Well, the PMRA membership card encourages Port Mandurah residents to regularly frequent your premises for a relaxing coffee, wine or meal and, in doing so, be rewarded by receiving a discount on the presentation of the PMRA membership card.
In return, your business will be supported by promotion on our PMRA website, Facebook page and word-of-mouth discussions.
If your cafe or restaurant would like to participate, please email your discount offer and any restrictions or requirements to meet that discount to the following:

Rollup Rollup and Signup! New Committee Members Welcomed!!

The PMRA committee is on the lookout for new committee members. Have your say and be part of this wonderful community. All interested parties please send your enquiries to

Keen on fishing?

The below link has everything you need to know about sustainability.

Recfishwest – Recfishwest

Security: 19 May 2022

Following a couple of attempted break-ins in the Leeward area, please ensure that you remain vigilant and keep all doors and windows locked as well as cars.  Police were called, and hopefully, they will catch the culprits responsible.

====================================================Port Mandurah – 30 Years Making a Community

Have you collected your complimentary book “Port Mandurah – 30 Years Making a Community”?

Books are available for collection or purchase starting this Saturday 9 April from  10:00 – 10:30 am.

Each household in the Port Mandurah Boundary – is entitled to 1 copy of this book. Extra copies can be purchased for $20.

Please text 0423104 807 or email for collection details.


PMRA Meeting with Lisa Munday MLA

On Friday 25/3/22 a group from your PMRA comprised of Jim Booker, Steve Zielinski, Peter McGuire and Dr Peter Hick (past PMRA President) had a very productive meeting with Mrs Lisa Munday MLA for Dawesville.

The three main agenda items were automated sand by-passing, jetty licensing, and canal boat traffic management.

  1. PMRA believes that it is time to review and seriously plan for a long-term automated sand bypassing system to be installed at both the Mandurah River mouth and the Dawesville Channel entrance. Previous indications show this to be a feasible and efficient prospect with high initial capital investment but low recurrent cost. We believe that a permanent automated system at the river mouth would maintain a safer navigable passage into the estuary promoting Mandurah’s waterways as a viable year-round tourist destination to the fleet of larger, high spending, vessels from Perth and Fremantle. In the light of the CHRMAP report, we feel it is now appropriate to advance this, and believe a sum of $250,000 from State, Federal or local government sources would enable a feasibility and implementation plan to be commenced.
  2. Transfer of Jetty licensing from DoT to CoM.  Despite agreement from successive government ministers since 2008, intransigence and obstruction from DoT have prevented this practical and sensible action.  PMRA again would like to see this long-overdue change enabling more effective management of the canal waterways precinct clarifying effective responsibility.
  3. Boat safety, traffic risk management and signage are currently an ad-hoc arrangement with responsibility being vaguely shared by DoT, water police, CoM and PMRA. Clarification is urgently required particularly with the increasing traffic.

On your behalf, as a PMRA member, the above summary letter was forwarded to the City of Mandurah Mayor Rhys Williams, Deputy Mayor Cr. Carolyn Knight and Cr. Ryan Burns with the invitation to meet to discuss these matters further.



OzFish Unlimited is offering PMRA jetty owners the opportunity to grow their own mussels with their “Pimp my Jetty” project. This OzFish project is in conjunction with but separate from the current Mussel Gardening Project with the same desirable endpoint.

The Peel-Harvey Catchment Council supports the PIMP MY JETTY project through funding from the State Government’s Royalties for Regions Program, Recfishwest, BCF and Lowrance.


TV “no signal” and a blank screen

If you are experiencing this problem please go to the following website and lodge a form and someone will get in contact with you to assist.


Mussel gardening for 2022 

Key dates for the program are

  1. February 2022 – Recruit gardeners, make up baskets.
  2. Late February – Hold workshops for new gardeners (Dates to be advised, we would gratefully welcome any previous participants to come and give a talk at the workshops!)
  3. Early March – Handover of mussel baskets to the gardeners at the Port Bouvard Yacht Club. (Dates to be advised)
  4. March-October 2022 – Monitor and grow mussels.
  5. October 2022 – Mussel Muster and transfer of mussels into the Peel-Harvey Estuary shellfish reef sites.

Please email your interest to and Theo and the Bindjareb rangers look forward to seeing you in 2022.




Justice of the Peace

The Hon Mike Board OAM who lives in the Port Mandurah area is a JP.  Should you require his services he can be contacted during business hours on Ph 0412 022 266 or email



This latest update, Jan 20 2022, by Prof Grant Waterer will help dispel some Covid fear.

Grant Waterer COVID update January 2022 – YouTube


Tourism Position Statement

These consultations provide the opportunity to comment on the Western Australian Planning Commission’s draft Position Statement:

Planning for Tourism and associated Guidelines.

It also provides an option to comment on the State-wide registration scheme which is being implemented by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

The Position Statement, which proposes changes to how short-term rentals are treated through the planning system, runs in parallel with the proposed registration scheme.

You should make comment using Survey 1 below if you are interested in giving feedback to how a future registration scheme could function in WA.

You should provide comment through Survey 2 below if you are interested in whether some forms of short-term rentals should be exempt from requiring development approval, and/or how short-term rentals are defined in the planning system.

Opened 6 Dec 2021           Closes 7 Mar 2022

         Survey 1     

        Survey 2    


A Christmas Message from PMRA President Jim Booker
Thank you to those that brighten our lives by putting up Christmas Lights. This year is better than ever with the whole of Mandurah joining in, making our City the Capital of Christmas.
We encourage you to observe the traditional 12 Days of Christmas by leaving your lights on until about 10.30pm at least until 6th January.
With the enormous increase in Christmas Lights tourists this year, maintaining this tradition guarantees the best possible result for the Rotary Wishing Well which raises thousands of dollars for local charities. Visit their JustGiving page. This year we have the added bonus of the canal tour operators contributing towards four St. John’s automatic external defibrillators to be installed in Port Mandurah.
I’m sure that these worthwhile causes, combined with the knowledge that many thousands of families enjoy our magnificent light display, will strengthen the Mandurah Canal Christmas Spirit and maintain a traditional Christmas Calendar.
As always, Mandurah Cruises are running their Christmas Lights Competition & People’s Choice Awards and will be generously hosting a Thank You Beach Party and Awards Ceremony after Australia Day.

Below is a thank you video from Mandurah Cruises.

Port Mandurah – 30 YEARS – Making a Community
This is the title of the book that was written for PMRA in 2019:

Each Port Mandurah household may have one of these books for free! Visit us on Facebook for pick-up details. Extra copies are $20 each.
Please bring proof of residence, and pass this information to your friends and neighbours (who must be current ratepayers within the Port Mandurah Boundary) as we don’t have everyone’s email addresses.

PMRA Committee Vacancies
If you’re a Port Mandurah resident and care about your neighbourhood, please consider joining the committee. We meet every 6 weeks or so for a couple of hours, on a day/time to suit all committee members.
You don’t need any specific skills, just a willingness to work as part of a team, and a commitment to attend at least 50% of the meetings.
For more information please contact us.

The Friends of Samphire Cove meet on the last Sunday morning of each month at 9.00am to take care of this A class nature reserve in Wedgetail Retreat (down Leisure Way).
If you would like to help the Friends on an occasional or regular basis, just turn up or visit their website for more information

Reflective Tape
If you would like some free reflective tape for your jetty poles, please contact us to arrange pick-up.
Also available at our AGM and other events.

Sutton Farm
Sutton Farm MandurahSutton Farm is a heritage-listed place dating from the 1860s comprising a homestead building, single men’s quarters and a barn, as well as significant trees. The development plan was adopted in 2017 subject to certain modifications.

To keep the entrances of the Port Mandurah canals open it has always been recognised that some degree of dredging would be required and that is why we have a reserve account within the SAR structure to pay for periodic dredging and annual surveys of accretion.
Since the agreement that was made in the 1990s, there have been significant changes in the estuary circulation patterns and sediment sources, e.g. the Dawesville Channel, the regrowth of Fairbridge Bank, and issues with sand bypassing at the Northern Entrance. These have altered the rate of siltation of the entrances which were originally estimated to require dredging every 5 years.
Here are the latest hydrographic surveys (November 2017) showing the water depths at both entrances to the main canal: 

Northern Entrance Southern Entrance

•  To view the Department of Transport’s coastal engineering assessment and recommendations regarding the formation of sand bars outside the Mandurah entrance channel please click here.


Canal properties in Port Mandurah have a designated jetty envelope located within the mooring envelope of the property.
Provided that the proposed jetty is within the jetty envelope and complies with the City’s Local Planning Policy 4 relating to Canal Waterways Structures  LPP4 then a Development Approval (i.e. a Planning Approval) is not required.
A Building Permit is needed prior to construction specifying the dimensions and the shape, i.e. finger shaped, ‘T’ shaped, ‘L’ shaped or land backed. Most jetty companies will submit this Building Permit Application to the City on your behalf.
You will also need a Jetty Licence from the Department of Transport. PMRA is advocating for a transfer of  jetty administration to the City of Mandurah. We believe that the City already does most of the work and could receive over $300,000 revenue per year.

Speed Limits in Mary Street
There is a section of Mary Street where the speed limit increases from 50km/h to 60km/h for a short stretch. PMRA supports the residents in this locality to have the speed limit reduced to 50km/h. If you would like to add your name to the petition being organised by Ted Ion in Baruna Court, please click here.

PMRA has several volunteers who, whilst out walking, regularly pick up litter in the precinct. On Clean Up Australia Day in March, the committee and a few friends collected dozens of bags of rubbish; a few of whom are pictured below. The City of Mandurah pays PMRA $650 a year for keeping the streets of Port Mandurah clean.
Our thanks go to John Randall who picks up rubbish on a twice daily basis.